Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter in the OC

I have come to realize that I should appreciate winter in southern California. Today at carpool(yes, I have to help with carpool at our school...no one rides the bus, everyone pulls up in their Escalades and Ferrari's like we are at a car show...and I do wear a sweet orange safety vest)...and I notice the Santa Ana winds are blowing and it is absolutely gorgeous out. I am almost even hot. On my drive home, I am witnessing another beautiful sunset...the Pacific Ocean to my left and the amazing hill of homes(including Lauren Conrad's parent's house) to my right. Although is seems weird to see an inflatable Frosty and an inflatable snow globe in the front yard of a multi-million dollar home that has no snow...I still sigh and think about how much I love the holiday season. As I continue driving, I think about how different Christmas is without snow...it almost seems just like any other ordinary day...so then I start feeling sad about not being in Minnesota for a white Christmas. Then comes the phone call from my dad...it is like 3 degrees in Minnesota and he has just finished snowblowing the 5 inches of snow that had fallen the day before. I suddenly remember that winter in southern California is pretty nice...even if there is no snow on Christmas :( I would also like to tell you that I was going to meet some friends for dinner tonight...I was freezing in my house...I put on socks and boots(I have not worn closed-toe shoes in a VERY long time...my feet feel claustrophobic), jeans, a shirt, scarf and sweater like coat. I am pumped because I am warm and cozy...I then walk outside, get in my car, look at the temperature and see that it says 70 degrees...I then realize I am pathetic.

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